The Happiness Trap and other information!

The sh%t gets real theory!

I’ve got this theory, everything gets real roughly around the time we turn 40. It certainly did for me.

There’s no great science to it, rather an observation of life.  Our 20’s and 30’s seem pretty bloody simple.  We’ve generally got one decision or one issue at a time.  Will I or won’t I go to uni, get married, take that job, have a baby. It’s not common for a mate or family member to get sick or pass away. Decisions and life issues tend to come along one (or maybe two) at a time.

Hit your 40s and BOOM!

It. All. Gets. Real.

Life’s tough, it’s a grind, it doesn’t stop. It’s overwhelming. And that’s ok. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed.

There’s being overwhelmed and stressed, and then there’s been depressed or anxious. And there’s certainly, at times, an overlap.

So here’s a few things I think you should listen to, read, and think about. Deal with the reality when it’s at the overwhelming stage, not at the depression or anxiety stage.

Read “The Happiness Trap” by Russ Harris.  A pioneer of the Acceptance and Committment Theory (ACT) model of psychological support: an evidence and reaserched based model proven to be of benefit.

Watch a few of Russ Harris’s videos here. Especially: THE STRUGGLE SWITCH, THE CHOICE POINT, VALUES VS GOALS, The art and Science of self-compassion.

LOVE.  Alain de Botton make you think about just what ‘love’ is.  A very useful video if you’re struggling in a significant relationship.