Extra ANZAC Day public holiday? No!

Righto, today I have something to say.

You see, there are a bunch of flog-bags out their bitching and moaning that Monday is not a public holiday. Because ANZAC Day falls on Saturday, these fools think it’s our RIGHT to have an extra day off.

For what?

Right about now some of you might be asking how I’m qualified to comment on such a sacred Aussie tradition as the “public-holiday-for-the-sake-of-it“.  Perhaps I’m not.  But I am a veteran, and I’ve treated battle casualties on the saccred anniversary of ANZAC Day in Afghanistan.  So I’d like to think I’ve earnt the right to have an opinion.

Ask yourselves a few questions peeps. Did the ANZACs get a day off 365 days after they landed? Did our fathers get the day off in the heat of the Vietnamese jungle? And to my contemporary veteran mates – did we get any more than a few hours to reflect in Iraq or Afghanistan each ANZAC Day?

I know I bloody didn’t.

You are privilaged to get the actual day off on ANZAC Day each year to REMEMBER. To remember the fallen, remember the sacrifices, to remember the hardships others endured to give us the life we have today.

You don’t celebrate on ANZAC Day. You honour.

When you raise your glass, please remember… please honour. Please have fun, but please temper any celebration.

Those before us didn’t get an extra public holiday – they didn’t get any at all!

Stop your whinging, we don’t deserve an extra day off.  Go to work on Monday, earn a living, and be grateful you’re free to do it.

Regards, Major (Dr) Sam.


Dr Sam has deployed six times with the Australian Army.