Chlamydia and Fast-Food sex

Could the rise of online ‘fast food’ sex be fueling a rise in chlamydia?

Online social hook-up applications such as Tinder are revolutionising dating. But the fallout is an increasing acceptance of risky sexThe speed with which horny adults link together is frightening, as is the decline in their rational decision making – the thrill of a fast f%$k outweighs the realities of risk.  And its the older ones, those in their thirties and forties, who should know better, as they have grown up knowing the unequivocal  importance of safe-sex.

Too frequently am I seeing patients in my rooms oblivious to the risks these hook-ups provide.  Gone is the safety of group vetting where a potential partner meets numerous friends who all hold your best interests at heartPhysical and sexual assault is an obvious risk with no-strings-attached anonymous liaisons.

But what frightens me are the other demands made in the heat of the moment – the refusal to wear condoms. There are people out there (I’m sorry blokes, but you are reported to be the main culprits) refusing to cover up.  The excuse? Heightened sexual experience!??!!!! Whatever!

Ladies (I’m sorry, but you‘re the main group making this decision) are then faced with the quandary – refuse and face rejection, or agree and accept risk.

Pregnancy is not your only risk.

Chlamydia infection is on the rise again.  In 2014, 21000 cases were reported in NSW alone, a jump of 10% on the year before. And ladies, YOU are most at risk, making up 54% of infections.

Age is no barrier.  Whilst the greatest risk is in the 20-24 year olds, we are seeing plenty of 30’s and 40’s infected.

But whats all the drama?

The major problem is MOST PEOPLE DONT EVEN KNOW THEY HAVE IT! Which means it gets silently passed on from person to person.  Over 50% of blokes and 85% of ladies have NO symptoms when diagnosed.

The consequences. 
An undiagnosed infection can spread in women to the womb or tubes, (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or ‘PID’) which leads to infertility and greater ectopic pregnancy risk.  In blokes, you can end up with chronic infections of your nuts – again leading to infertility.

How can I tell if i have it?

Remember, many have NO symptoms.
Blokes generally experience burning or stinging of their wee, or, maybe a clear discharge.

Ladies may have the wee symptoms, some vaginal discharge, pain with sex, spotting, or post sex bleeding.

“So, what do I do Dr Sam?”

Wear condoms! And don’t accept any other option.

So if you’re smashing that Tinder thing and having a cracking old time, you’d better pop in to your doctor for a check up.  Expect a few questions about your sexual exploits it lets us know your risk and hence likelihood of finding something.  The reality is, the more partners you have, the greater your risk.  Especially if you dont use condoms.

Most of the time we get a urine sample, but for ladies, we often need a cervical swab (just like a pap smear).  Results take a week to come back.

NEVER assume the results are normal if you don’t hear from your doctor – it’s your responsibility to drop in and check the results.

Can you treat it?

Yep!  And it’s bloody simple.  A one off dose of tablets, and in 48 hours you’re free!
Dining out for some Fast-food sex?  Think again…
Dr Sam