Aussie blokes wake up – you’re letting the team down!

Aussie blokes wake up –  you’re letting the team down!

A recent report has confirmed that male fertility is on the decline, and I’m sorry men, but it’s largely your fault.

Researchers studying trends in sperm counts over the last 40 years, have found a dramatic plummet in sperm counts – there’s 60% less sperm!   

And it’s not just Aussie blokes who are in trouble. Across the ditch in New Zealand the numbers are also on the slide, so too in North America and Europe. But African and Asian countries seem to be doing ok.

When it comes to infertility within couples, one in five cases are linked directly to male factors.

This dramatic decline in sperm count over the last forty years is largely due to lifestyle choices, and that’s why we can start pointing the finger directly at the blokes.

Poor diets and a lack of exercise have led to a massive rise in obesity rates across the globe.  Obesity is directly linked to lower testosterone levels and sperm counts.

Blokes are still smoking too much, and taking recreational drugs – both proven sperm killers.  The more men smoke, the worse the drop in fertility, with sperm quality dropping by up to 25%.

Then there’s those extra beers that always have an influence on fertility for men. Heavy alcohol use reduces testosterone levels, decreases sperm production, and induces impotence.

And lets not forget the testicle shinking anabolic steroids used by the gym junkies, which might help build muscle, but ultimately hack away at total sperm numbers.

What else could take its toll on male fertility?

Environmental toxins are under-estimated as causes of male infertility. Pesticides, mercury, lead, and cadmium exposure have all been linked, albeit weakly. Coming into contact with these toxins in the course of employment is most dangerous, whilst more research is needed to see if eating pesticide laden fruits or veggies is dangerous.

High temperatures around the “nuts” from tight jocks or saunas have long been thought to reduce the production of sperm by the testicles. Similarly, fevers, prolonged sitting during work or truck driving, welding, baking, and laptop use with increased heat to the testes have all been suspected as being dangerous.

Thankfully, research shows that the effect of heat on your sperm count is small, but we can’t yet say it’s not zero.

We do know that chlamydia and gonorrhoea can infect the testes, ultimately damaging the precious sperm producing cells. A more blasé attitude to safe sex practices has seen a resurgence of STDs in some regions in recent years, which could explain fertility issues for some.

Why you should grab the bull by the….balls!

The argument that it only takes one little swimmer doesn’t cut it.  Total numbers count – its safety in numbers – the more swimmers that are let loose, the more chance a strong one will make the distance.  Drop overall fertility by 50%, and more couples are going to struggle to conceive.  And if this decline in sperm count continues, will blokes have any left at all?

Men, it’s time to pull your socks up and take some responsibility – it takes two to tango, especially when it comes to fertility.

In a nutshell, men have to get fit, stop partying, lose some weight and get healthy!

If you really want to boost your fertility, then it’s time for a check up. Get on down to your doctor and ensure everything is in order. Aside from the issues listed above, many chronic illnesses if left untreated, can effect fertility.

All in all, have a drink but not the bottle, get yourself healthy, and practice practice practice! And if you’ve been doing it right, but still haven’t had any success after about six months, then don’t be too proud to ask your doctor for help.